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$6.00 Taxa de Instalação
Insurance: Domain Expiration Protection

Secures your domain for 1 year if you are unable to renew
Protects you from losing your domains due to incorrect credit card, failed billing or outdated account contacts.
Protecting your domain shields you from any fees associated with reinstating or redeeming your domain.

- Due to existing registry renewal requirements, the following extensions are not available for Domain Expiration Protection Service
ac, .am, .be, .de, .eu, .fm, .io, .nl, .sh, .co.uk, .me.uk, .org.uk, .at, .ch, .cz, .es, .com.es, .nom.es, .org.es, .jp, .li, .mx, .com.mx, .nu, .co.nz, .net.nz, .org.nz, .pl, .ru, .sg.

How to Prevent Your Domain Name From Expiring - Protect your domain name against expiration

Domain Expiration Protection | Saves Your Expired Domain. renew on time. Keeps your domain active and registered to you for 1 year if you're unable to renew. Saves you from losing your expired domain due to incorrect credit card, failed billing, or outdated or incorrect contact information...

Don't lose your domain!

When your domain expires, you risk losing it. Domain Expiration Protection will keep your domain safe for up to one year if we cannot charge your credit card or you are unable to renew on time.

- You must use Domain Expiration Protection with a registered domain.

- Price per current registered term of the domain. Domain Renewals require renewal of Domain Expiration Protection in order to continue expiration protection.

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$6.00 Taxa de Instalação
The Domain Name Drop
.COM and .NET domains that are not renewed by the previous owner are released from the central registry beginning at 2
00 p.m. ET during the Drop, which lasts an average of 45 minutes. The Drop can slow down or speed up based on how competitive the Drop is on any given day.
Don't lose a great domain name!

Every day 60,000 - 85,000 .com and .net domain names become available on the 'Daily Drop'.

Each domain drops when the previous owner does not pay the annual renewal fee for the domain name.

The Drop is an extremely competitive market where advanced computer algorithms have a remarkable advantage by detecting the precise millisecond a domain name becomes available for registration and issuing hundreds of consecutive purchase attempts at once.

These computer algorithms are extremely difficult to beat, making it nearly impossible to compete with them - unless you use a drop catching service.

Mimhosting was invented for this purpose; to give you an equal opportunity by featuring world-class algorithms that helps secure valuable domain names on the drop.

Mimhosting.com's success rate is one of the highest in the industry.


Backordered domains cost $19. You will only be charged if we are successful in securing the domain for you. Mimhosting.com does not require a subscription.
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SSL Certificat
SSL Certificat
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